Parenting Plans

  • Irene Jackson, Family MediatorI can work with you to enable you to reach an agreement on how you will care for your children.
  • Parents can set out the arrangements they wish to put into place for their children in a parenting plan.
  • You will decide what is best for you child or children.
  • A parenting plan is an agreement that covers the day to day responsibilities of each parent, the practical considerations of a child’s daily life, as well as how parents will agree and consult on important long-term issues about their children.
  • Parenting plans can include, other people, such as grandparents and step-parents.
  • Parents who make a parenting plan can ask the court to make an order in the terms of that plan. Once made, these orders are legally binding; they have the same effect as any other parenting order made by a court.
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