“Very clear and asked if we needed to explain again. She made eye contact to both of us.”

“Very professional but also friendly. She was very good at explaining to the other person, discussing his queries so avoiding arguments. At mediation you are treated as real people and not as people on a piece of paper (which probably would be the case if went through the courts). Very helpful and very quick at responding to phone calls and sending out letters. I found mediation was a lot easier that I expected it to be. The mediator was very friendly and helpful. The venue was nice with a friendly atmosphere, very unformal which made it less daunting. Going through the courts, I know, would have been very stressfull and also very expensive. I’m sure also that it would have taken a lot longer if we hadn’t have gone through mediation. I could find no fault with the service provided. It made everything go along smoothly with minimal stress. I would recommend mediation to other couples. Many thanks.”

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Irene Jackson, our mediator. I found the process useful and relatively painless (!) and would recommend your service to others in a similar situation.”

“She explained everything really well so I could understand. I did feel that the other person started talking about a couple of things that was nothing to do with why we was there. She did help because it was really hard to see and talk to my ex-partner for the first time. We got most of the matters I was expecting to talk about done. I’m very happy with it. I’m really pleased with what I’ve got from the meditation its was very helpfull. You have been very helpfull and I would like to say thank you for all your help.”

“Irene conducted herself in a very professional manner. Irene tried hard but it wasn’t easy for her due to my anger over the divorce. Thank you for your support during the sessions, it was by no means easy, but no one said it would be! Thankyou once again.”

“Very professional service & not at all intimidating.”

“Irene was very good and did not allow me to be bullied verbally. It’s hard to communicate with someone like my husband.”

“I found Irene to be very factual, informative and very fair, it helped enormously as there was a great deal of tension, but we still managed to get to an agreement – thankyou!”

“Irene Jackson was excellent”

“Irene conducted our sessions in a very good way. She explained everything clearly, took down notes, gave us the opportunity to express our views and concerns, and tried very hard to try to help us reach an agreement. Irene was absolutely wonderful!”

“I have appreciated this service to help me. I am not a well educated person but Irene helped me understand what was happening. Especially with all the figures. I give her full marks for all her effort.”

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